<![CDATA[I'm obsessed with albums.  For weddings.  For families.  For seniors.  For anything!  After years of just having pictures stored on my computer, I am becoming passionate about getting them printed, displayed and seen!
I created this beautiful album for Eddie and Summer’s wedding.
Why, you ask, is it laying on a cowhide.  I don’t know!  I just love cowhides and it looked purdy.  Nothing to do with their wedding at all!  😉 haha!

Here are the page spreads inside the album.  The great things is that we can customize them however you want!]]>

<![CDATA[I know we all want digital images, I get it!  We live in the digital world and I of course offer them.  But seriously…having some tangible that you can pick up and touch, it's so important!
I offer them for weddings and portrait sessions and am going to make some great incentives for them because I just think you will LOVE them.  I got back some new sample albums today.  They are sooooooo beautiful.  Like brag worthy, beautiful!  They come with photo covers, leather covers, window photo openings, linen covers with embossing and in all shapes and sizes.  This sample is a thick matte paper and it's dreamy.  Ask about albums today!