This is my dear friend Jodi. She and Sean had been best friends for years before they were officially an item. He says he wanted to be more long-term before she did, but she did come around, haha! After he proposed, the overwhelming task of trying to plan a wedding kicked in so I offered […]

Josh and Whitney had a small window of time on break from medical school.  They are both living in North Dakota and wanted some warmer weather so they headed to Arizona for that.  And Arizona is almost always happy to provide the warmer weather.  They had a morning/brunch celebration with a small group.  They designed […]

<![CDATA[Oh how I love my niece Victoria.  And Arizona.  And beautiful weddings.  And love.  And first looks.  And stunning florals.  And lots of color.  And veils, long veils.  And the sun.]]>

<![CDATA[I cannot believe I neglected to post some of my favorites from Dustin and Kristen's bridal session last May!  I posted some of my favorites of their wedding here, but love these too!  Man, I love this desert!  And Kristen’s dress just moved so perfectly.  ]]>