I am…

  • an arizona native, netflix junkie, shoe collector, baseball watcher, music lover, loud laugher, game player, home decorator, target shopper, shark week expert, organizer, foodie, and a wanna be friend to everyone I meet.
  • a recovering diet coke-aholic (it’s been 8 years, 2 months, 4 days, 2 hours……). I still frequent the corner store for a styrofoam cup of crushed ice to ease my withdrawals ūüėČ
  • a right and left brained thinker. ¬†I am creative yet detail oriented and organized. ¬†A rare combination, yes, but can’t wink or whistle. ¬†weird huh?
  • married to an awesome guy and mom to 3 great kids. ¬†did I mention all three of those kids are a year apart? ¬†crazy families don’t scare me!
  • a wannabe dancer, singer, gardener, athlete, guitarist, designer, and world traveler.

I¬†really¬†am just a regular gal who loves people, life and everything creative and fun.¬† ¬†I wish I could pinpoint what my photography style is exactly, but the reality is I love a lot of everything: ¬†clean and purposefully imperfect, posed and spontaneous, modern and timeless. ¬† I see images in light, color, and connections. ¬† I started as a film photographer over 15 years ago, and am still a film enthusiast, but have embraced the convenience and power of the digital world. ¬†I have seen styles come and go, and have learned a lot of things along the way, so I try to keep my editing style a little more clean and classic (with my little modern spin on them, of course).¬† I am passionate you having images that are lasting and that won’t be out of style in 6 months.¬† Everywhere I go, I am visualizing photo ops, studying the sun, and hunting for unique locations (not to mention collecting a few cool props here and there).
about me sessions agneHow do my sessions work?
I love being behind the camera and I love reading people, so portrait sessions are my jam. ¬†Whether it’s your immediate family, your whole extended family, an individual styled session, maternity session or if you’re welcoming a new addition to your family and want to capture that excitement, we will collaborate so the session is perfect for you! ¬†We will talk vision and style and what will bring out your connections to each other best. ¬†Sessions can be outdoors or in your home and will include well posed and spontaneous/interactive/in the moment shots. ¬†I pay attention to details, am a hands-on fixer, patient, and experienced with all ages and family sizes.¬† ¬†Being a wedding photographer also has made me a better portrait photographer because I am efficient and used to demanding timelines and in all types of lighting situations.¬† My¬†goal is always to make sessions light and fun so it is a good experience for everyone no matter the size of your family or age of the kids. ¬†And yes, we can also talk about how the man in your life hates pictures (and I will be able to relate to you) and how they will leave our session thinking it was actually fun.
The other super important thing we will talk about is what you‚Äôd like to do with the images after we take them. I have both print and digital options available and most of my clients take advantage of both. ¬†I am not a hard core salesman, but I have to say…after years of experience I’ve realized that most people (me included) need help and motivation to get their beautiful photos displayed. ¬†It is nice having a computer full of photo folders and yeah we all want to get those likes on Instagram, but I really can’t think of anything better decorating your home than awesome pictures of the ones you love.¬† Sometimes you just need a little push and some planning and design direction to get that done.¬† Also, there really is a big difference in quality between an image printed from a professional lab vs. something printed one hour so I offer reasonably priced wall art so that your images look their best.¬†¬†Designing wall galleries, albums and custom greeting cards/announcements has made me a better photographer and I love seeing the finished product. ¬†Seriously, some of my favorite family sessions have started with us styling the most awesome holiday card concept and then bringing it to life.¬† Collaborating on all of these things ahead of time makes a big difference in the end result and your happiness with the session.
Contact me for a complete session guide Рincluding tips and a pinterest page on what to wear, location ideas and product samples.  Family portrait sessions start at $500.
To see more of my portrait/family sessions:  PORTRAIT/FAMILY GALLERY | FAMILY BLOG POSTS
about seniors
Senior sessions are a lot like my portrait/family sessions in that I offer outfit planning/assistance and custom styling. ¬†We will have fun and I will make you feel comfortable even if taking pictures isn’t your thing. ¬†We will capture your personality and interests and who you are right now!¬† I love collaborating with my favorite makeup artist on these sessions, so let’s chat more!¬† I also design and print custom senior announcements.¬† Mini senior sessions start at $450.
To see more of my senior work:  SENIOR GALLERY | SENIOR BLOG POSTS
about weddings2
I love, love, love photographing weddings too!   How can you not love a day of celebrating two people starting a life together?!  I love telling that story, and then keeping in touch with my couples as their love grows over the years.   I have photographed lots of weddings and have loved every one.  Me and my team will work with you in detail to make sure we are on the same page with timeline, vision and style, shot list, optimal lighting and location options to make sure your wedding day goes smoothly.   Being a portrait and family photographer has made me a better wedding photographer because I am experienced and have a knack for posing, making clients feel comfortable and wrangling crowds ;), and   I take LOTS of pictures and try to go above and beyond to make your wedding day even more amazing (and have often doubled as an event coordinator, dress stylist, and emcee when needs arose ;).  I also design save the dates/announcements and wedding albums.
I especially love photographing bridal sessions.  Making those an epic part of your wedding photography, whether ahead of time or on your wedding day/elopement, or even after, is super important to me.  After all, those are the images you will hang on your walls for years to come. Capturing the way you feel on your wedding day is my goal!
For a more detailed wedding guide, contact me.  Each couple is unique so each wedding package usually is, too.  Wedding packages start at $2,500.  I also offer a la carte engagement and bridal sessions.
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P.S. ¬†No matter what type of session it is, you should also know that a little dirt¬†is not going to stop me from getting a good shot…