<![CDATA[If you don't know who Becky Higgins and Project Life are, you need to check them out.  Becky has been a master in the memory keeping industry for years!  Check her out at @beckyhiggins or www.beckyhiggins.com and her project life app.  You might not know this about me, but I used to teach scrapbook classes […]

<![CDATA[ Another session featured.  So excited about this summer session.  Being an Arizona girl, I love all things desert but I also love all things beach and the challenge in putting together an elopement here was super fun.  Thanks to an amazing style team for sharing all of their talents, and of course, to our […]

<![CDATA[   Rememeber this beautiful wedding? It’s been published by the Coordinated Bride magazine!  Check it out here.  ]]>