Josh and Whitney had a small window of time on break from medical school.  They are both living in North Dakota and wanted some warmer weather so they headed to Arizona for that.  And Arizona is almost always happy to provide the warmer weather.  They had a morning/brunch celebration with a small group.  They designed […]

<![CDATA[I've known Shaylene since she was a little girl and small world, she married a guy whose family I also knew!  I had a blast shooting their bridals and not ONE but THREE locations.  Yeah, sometimes I don't know moderation ;).  But how can you resist when you have a beautiful couple, a beautiful dress […]

<![CDATA[This past weekend, I redeemed myself (see 2016 year in review post about not being able to fly to Utah for last year's conference) and made it to Photo Native.  It was wonderful!  I learned lots of things to improve my photography and business skills and feel rejuvenated to start this year off right.  One […]