<![CDATA[Throw back to last fall/winter when we updated this cute family's pictures.
I always talk about my client's plan with their photos so we can make sure we are getting the end result they want/need for their home.  I cannot tell you what a difference this step makes in having very happy clients!  For this family, she wanted some pops of pink to coordinate with her beautiful new home.  We also planned for some modern architecture and printed her gallery on metallic paper to fit her look.
2016-10-10_0001 Their Christmas card…2016-10-10_0002 This was my mock-up…2016-10-10_0003 The wall hung (via my phone shot)…2016-10-10_0004 2016-10-10_0005 2016-10-10_0006 2016-10-10_0007 2016-10-10_0008]]>

<![CDATA[I love designing wall arrangements for my clients.
This family is in the middle of a beautiful home remodel so I was able to go over and install their new canvases for them.

<![CDATA[Just finalized this cute family's image order and wanted to share a few of my favorites.  The funny thing about this session was that as I was giving the client directions to our shooting location, I asked her where she lived and turns out she lives two streets away from me in my same neighborhood!  We just moved here not too long ago so we are still getting to know people, but am happy to know this family better now!  They just updated their home decor through one of my talented friends, Nikki Grandy, and the colors in these pictures will look great in their new space!
This is the wall display I designed for them in canvas gallery wraps.  I offer super reasonable professional printing and wall art so that you can get these images off of your computer and onto your walls!anderson]]>

<![CDATA[I sure love photographing this family!  Every year, we collaborate on fun new ideas for their updating family pictures and Christmas card.  This year, we wanted to do some "night on the town together" kind of shots so we headed to downtown Phoenix to shoot these.  Here are a few of our favorite shots:
And here’s a little phone shot of the gallery wall we did for them: