<![CDATA[2016 highlights
Just putting together this post was a labor of love, whew!   I really should keep up on my everyday blogging (business AND personal) than this wouldn’t have been such a hard task!  I really need two of me ;).  This recap is a good reminder of why I ended the holidays totally exhausted!  But in a good way.  2016 was great!
Things I am proud of:

  • I consider all of my clients, my friends.  I love my old ones and my new ones!  I have THE BEST clients/friends!  Thank you all for being so trusting in me.
  • I stayed true to my diverse portrait and wedding portfolio.  My personality and attention span doesn’t lend itself to doing just one thing so I’m grateful I get to do photograph seniors, engagements, expectations, announcements, bridals, weddings, new additions, the occasional high school dance, and extended families.   And design several custom cards along the way.  I know most business coaches would tell me to narrow that down (and truthfully, doing it this way does make it trickier to get my processing times down) but looking back on my work, I’m glad that I haven’t.  I love all of it.
  • New to my business this year were styled/collaboration shoots.  I loved, loved these.  Last February, I was on my way to Photo Native, a photography workshop in Utah.  We had a fiasco flying Allegiant Airlines (sat in the airport for two days with ridiculous weather/operations delays and horrible service…won’t get into that here and now, but we missed the workshop).  To drown our sorrows, my photog friend Adele and I set up our first personal project/styled shoot of the year.  That weekend, I went and bought a new camera and lens (yes, a pity party haha) and we had a great afternoon shooting.  From that experience, I committed to taking time each month to shoot more personal projects.  I am so glad I did.  It rejuvenates me as an artist.   And on top of that, I have been able to collaborate with some awesome vendors – there are so many talented people out there!
  • In all seriousness, I am proud to say that I have the Netflix binge watching while editing thing down to a science now.  😉

It’s hard not to compare yourself to others and wonder if you measure up.  It’s hard to compete on social media, especially when as a busy mom of teenagers, working full time and running a household, serving in my church and community and also trying to have a social life ;), I am often pulled in many directions.  I have lots to improve on and hope to do a few things differently going forward.  I feel so lucky to do what I love.  Thank you for supporting me!
Here’s to an amazing 2017!
Here are a few of my favorite images from 2016… (you can see the full size images below or view the slideshow)


<![CDATA[To start, this is the cutest dang nursery ever!  You should see their whole house!  Ginni is one talented lady!  I loved doing more of a lifestyle newborn session, embracing Mom and her 4th baby boy in his room.  These are a few of my favorite images from the session.

<![CDATA[Meet baby Elle.  She is darling!  I love watching cute new parents loving on their first child.  I also love when clients are up for some outdoor golden hour shots, even hough it is a little (ok more than a little) warm out (although the baby was loving it), so that we can capture the style and mood we wanted.
DSC_5597 copy
DSC_5503 copy
To see the rest of their gallery, click here.]]>

<![CDATA[It was a blast to photograph this darling baby boy as it was a fun break from the busy family/holiday photos this time of year.  I don't do many "posed" newborn sessions but couldn't resist these ones at mom's request.  Little Tatum's mom has his room decorated in black and white with vintage superhero and bright colors and it is to.die.for!  I wish I could share some photos of it (maybe I'll get some from her and help her pin them on Pinterest – they are worthy of that for sure!).  Anyways…I tried to plan some fun poses that would tie into his room.  He did great!
2014-12-09_00042014-12-09_00032014-12-09_0001He is also an October baby so we wanted to embrace his Halloween entrance!2014-12-09_00022014-12-09_00072014-12-09_0006And to show him off on the Christmas card, we put together this little winter set up.2014-12-09_0005]]>

<![CDATA[I loved meeting Tyler and Courtney's new baby!  Brayton's aunt even made him the cute Monsters, Inc. little outfit to match his nursery.  He is a doll and very loved!]]>


A couple of weeks before Christmas, I got to photography this darling little baby boy and his siblings.  They were all so excited to meet him, they kept fighting over who got to hold him!  In my book, that is a good problem to have.  It was a warm day so I was super excited to be able to do these photos outside in nature.  He was so good!  We bundled him, then posed him, then bundled him back up and he was perfect!

I LOVE this picture of these two adorable sisters!

Dad is a big football fan!
2013-12-19_0002.jpg2013-12-19_0003.jpgBeautiful momma!


2013-12-19_0010.jpg2013-12-19_0012.jpg 2013-12-19_0013.jpg



Oh sweet Emersen…you are such a doll!

And I sure hope you will forgive me for a little incident that happened on this shoot.  And I’m so glad that your Momma is related to me, so you can’t be mad forever.  Of course, turns out that you like to climb up on things and get into things and a black eye seems to be a common occurrence even though you are only 1 years old! 😉  That made me feel a little bit better.

So…we had you propped up on this little crate/box and you were balanced great and secure and happy and all was well…UNTIL out of no where, a wasp flew in your face and scared you and knocked off your balance and you tumbled forward off of the box onto the ground (don’t judge me!).  I can still see it in slow motion and even though there were three of us all around you and were spotting you, we couldn’t catch you in time.  So sad!   Your cute little face got all scraped up from the ground below.  Thankfully after some loves with your Mom, Grandma and Aunt, you were quickly happy again and we were able to take some more pictures, but your face was so scraped up and the evidence of what had happened wasn’t going away for a couple of days.  And this, my friends, is why I love photoshop.  Check out the before and after shots:

I’m so glad nothing major happened and I’m super glad we at least got some darling shots of her out of it.  


Oh, how I love this session!  Not to play favorites or anything (because I fall in love with love everything and everyone I photograph), but I love love love this kind of light…spots of lush, rustic nature….some fun vintage props..and especially love this cute little girl and her family.  When Piper’s mom and I talked a couple of months ago, we knew we wanted to do something sweet that would capture the magic of a two year old, that would also incorporate a timeless, vintage feel, since that is their style everyday!  Between the two of us we were able to pull together a fun little tea party for Miss Piper and her babies.  The antique tea sets, books and dolls are all Piper’s family heirlooms so it makes it even better!

Piper was a little hesitant and shy, but I love the innocence it shows in the pictures.  TWO gets a bad rap for being “terrible”, but there’s also this…squishy cheeks, little feet, curiosity, independence and cuteness!  It’s a fun age and I miss my kids being this little.