<![CDATA[I have a lot of cousins.  Awesome cousins.  And we are close.  I grew up thinking my cousins were like siblings and we spent a lot of time together and have some great memories.  I'm lucky to live in a town with several of them.  Some of them have kids that are starting to have kids of their own and it's so fun!  Here are two of my cousin Sharman's daughters.  They are both expecting within a month of each other and are both beautiful and fun.  Love them both!


<![CDATA[2016 highlights
Just putting together this post was a labor of love, whew!   I really should keep up on my everyday blogging (business AND personal) than this wouldn’t have been such a hard task!  I really need two of me ;).  This recap is a good reminder of why I ended the holidays totally exhausted!  But in a good way.  2016 was great!
Things I am proud of:

  • I consider all of my clients, my friends.  I love my old ones and my new ones!  I have THE BEST clients/friends!  Thank you all for being so trusting in me.
  • I stayed true to my diverse portrait and wedding portfolio.  My personality and attention span doesn’t lend itself to doing just one thing so I’m grateful I get to do photograph seniors, engagements, expectations, announcements, bridals, weddings, new additions, the occasional high school dance, and extended families.   And design several custom cards along the way.  I know most business coaches would tell me to narrow that down (and truthfully, doing it this way does make it trickier to get my processing times down) but looking back on my work, I’m glad that I haven’t.  I love all of it.
  • New to my business this year were styled/collaboration shoots.  I loved, loved these.  Last February, I was on my way to Photo Native, a photography workshop in Utah.  We had a fiasco flying Allegiant Airlines (sat in the airport for two days with ridiculous weather/operations delays and horrible service…won’t get into that here and now, but we missed the workshop).  To drown our sorrows, my photog friend Adele and I set up our first personal project/styled shoot of the year.  That weekend, I went and bought a new camera and lens (yes, a pity party haha) and we had a great afternoon shooting.  From that experience, I committed to taking time each month to shoot more personal projects.  I am so glad I did.  It rejuvenates me as an artist.   And on top of that, I have been able to collaborate with some awesome vendors – there are so many talented people out there!
  • In all seriousness, I am proud to say that I have the Netflix binge watching while editing thing down to a science now.  😉

It’s hard not to compare yourself to others and wonder if you measure up.  It’s hard to compete on social media, especially when as a busy mom of teenagers, working full time and running a household, serving in my church and community and also trying to have a social life ;), I am often pulled in many directions.  I have lots to improve on and hope to do a few things differently going forward.  I feel so lucky to do what I love.  Thank you for supporting me!
Here’s to an amazing 2017!
Here are a few of my favorite images from 2016… (you can see the full size images below or view the slideshow)


<![CDATA[I've known Hillary since she was a teen.  I've known Alex's family since I was a teen.  They are beautiful together and super talented.  Alex does event rentals and DJ (among other things) – you can check them out here or here.   They are expecting their first child and it was super fun capturing them in the beautiful spring desert.]]>

<![CDATA[I met this beautiful couple this fall and we captured Serina's beautiful baby belly amongst the pretty cactus and gorgeous sunshine.  I actually still have a few cactus needle scars in my leg from accidentally brushing up against one during our shoot.  Whoops!  Worth it, though!

<![CDATA[This is my husband's youngest sister and her husband.  I'm excited to meet my new niece soon.  This will make #32 niece/nephew for me!  So exciting!
I know she doesn't feel beautiful, but I think she is!


Taylor is expecting a baby boy in December. She is darling and I’m sure her son will be too!

I’m looking forward to doing some super fun Christmas themed newborn images with him, but in the mean time, I love celebrating how beautiful pregnancy is…

DSC_0009 copyweb.jpg
DSC_0010 copyweb.jpg
DSC_0028 copyweb.JPG
DSC_9999 copyweb.jpg
DSC_9991 love you already copyweb.jpg
DSC_9984 copyweb.jpg
DSC_9976 copyweb.jpg
DSC_0057 copyweb.jpgDSC_0080-copyweb.jpg
DSC_0084 copyweb.jpg
DSC_0037 copyweb.jpg]]>


If you’ve been following my photography for a little while, you may remember a super fun “one year old tea party” that we collaborated on for Isabella (you can see the images here).   Her little birthday party shoot is still one of my favorite sessions ever.  When Crystal called me and told me she was expecting twins, I was super excited for her!  They drove up from Sierra Vista for a maternity shoot before her husband had to report back to duty.  Crystal is stunning and for having twins in a couple of months, looks even more amazing!  I love pregnancy – I think it makes a woman look even more beautiful.  

I love the way he is looking at her here while she is fixing something on the her daughter’s dress.  Now that’s the way a man should look at the woman he loves.

(I couldn’t decide which crop I liked best)